Does your company operate a high-visibility electronic commerce Web site? Then your site is in all likelihood experiencing as many as five serious security attacks - per month. This according to a new survey published by NetSolve Inc.

Gathering data on actual security alarms, including 550,000 security events, several trends could be identified:

About half of the attacks came from ISP addresses, rather than independently registered network addresses.

Almost 100 percent of the attacks were targeted at electronic commerce sites; 72 percent came from outside the United States.

The most frequent attack was the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) bin attack, in which hackers attempt to modify information on servers.

The second most frequent attack was the Transport Control Protocol port sweep, which lets the hacker know if TCP services such as E mail, File Transfer Protocol or Telnet are running on a server.

There has been an increase in attacks that incorporate the Internet Message Access Protocol's (IMAP) ability to modify remote access folders, as well as a rise in the ICMP Storm attack, a.k.a. Smurf attack.

NetSolve Survey Results

(Chart Source from NetSolve - April Landes)

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