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EIM is always looking for quality people to fill consulting positions. If you have IT experience, particularly in data modeling, database design or data warehousing and would like to be a consultant, we would like to hear from you.

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Please answer a few questions about your capabilities and the kind of position for which you are looking. We'll keep you in mind the next time something opens up. All materials will be kept in strict confidence. EIM is an equal opportunity employer.

1. What is your current title / position?

2. How long have you held this position?

3. Briefly describe your current responsibilities.

4. Describe a position or opportunity for which you are looking or are interested.

5. Describe any other relevant experience.

6. If you have a minimum salary requirement, enter it here.

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8. How long should we keep your information on file? (After the time you specify, or 6 months, whichever is longer, we will secure erase your data.)

9. Please put down anything else (within reason, legality and prudence) that you would like us to know about. (Honors, unique skills, published works, patents, etc...)

10. IMPORTANT! Please enter your e-mail address.

11. Please enter your full mailing (snail mail) address.

12. Please enter a telephone number where you can be reached. (If you don't want us to call during a particular time, just leave that section blank.)

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13. If you have a URL Address, please let us know here.

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Thanks for your input!

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