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EIM provides consulting services on a contract basis for short or long term needs in support of all aspects of  enterprise-level database technology and related areas such as logical data modeling, physical database design and implementation, reverse engineering og existing database structures, data warehousing and data-mining.  Our consultants "hit the ground running" to make a significant impact for your organization. 


EIM is pleased to announce the arrival of ModelMagic!   ModelMagic is the first application of its kind (at least that we can find).   Are you tired of spending hour after hour even day after day positioning the entities in your ERwin1 data model?   You put a lot of time and effort into building your data models.  Don't you want them to look as nice as possible?  Unfortunately ERwin's layout function just doesn't work for models with more than a dozen entities.  And, unless you are a glutton for punishment, you can't enjoy the time you spend manually laying out your models.  Well, that's where ModelMagic comes in.  ModelMagic will take any (that's ANY) data model and place the entities so that you will spend a fraction of the time you spent before laying out your models.  In many cases you won't have to do anything at all.  Try doing that with ERwin's layout function.  ModelMagic will place your entities so that the models read from top to bottom and the lines can be easily routed to avoid crossing entities.  This makes your models easier to read and easier to present.  Many of the models we have seen weren't even positioned probably due to the difficulty, time and expense.  We are so certain that ModelMagic will place your model that we challenge you to put us to the test.  Send us a view out of your data model (in ERwin er1 format, no more than 50 entities) and we will place it for you in a single pass through ModelMagic (only one per domain name please).  We are sure that you will be as amazed with the result as we are.  Send your request for more information about ModelMagic and your models to

Template Data Models

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to be involved in data modeling projects in many business areas.  During this time we have developed a number of Template Data Models that we regularly use as a basis for each new project.   As experience has taught us, there are very few truly unique enterprises.  The many projects we have been involved with have shown that more than 60% of a data model or data warehouse design consists of common constructs that are applicable to most enterprises.  This means that most data modeling or data warehouse design efforts spend as much as 60% of their time and budget "reinventing" constructs that have been built many times before!  Doesn’t it make sense, then, to have a proven source for these common data modeling constructs?  Each of our Template Data Models covers a particular subject area and can be customized to accommodate the uniquenesses of your business.  They have all been developed according to rigorous industry standards and combinations of them fit seamlessly together to form a complete integrated enterprise data model.  With each we offer consulting support to facilitate understanding and / or extension and modification.  Each model is provided with full documentation.

Data Model Layout Service

Do you need your data models placed now and have limited time or resources?  Our highly skilled data modeling staff will layout your models and return them to you, often overnight.  Send your requirements to for our rush estimate. 

Enterprise Data Modeling

Data models represent the structure and semantics of information within an environment or system.  They are used to support the management of data as a resource, the integration of information systems, and the building of computer databases.  EIM can assist you with your enterprise data modeling needs.  In addition to our Template Data Models, we offer on-site consulting (and training if required) to assist your staff in the development of your Enterprise Data Model.  Alternatively, if you provide detailed documentation, we can provide first cut data models for you to further enhance with or without our assistance.  We work with you to define business processes and requirements and transform them into a logical data model.  We can then transform the logical data model into a design to produce quick access to relevant data, reports and graphs.  We can also assist you with the conversion of existing data to new databases.

Quality Assurance

Do you need an instant Data Model Quality Assurance department?  For those organizations who have existing data models, or have in-house capability, EIM is pleased to offer its services in the role of Quality Assurance.  Our QA Team is dedicated to assuring the high quality deployment of your system.  This is a very cost-effective approach, as problems uncovered at the modeling stage are much easier to remedy than those uncovered later in the development lifecycle.  We have conducted a number of very successful QA and peer reviews for organizations, at varying stages throughout the lifecycle of their Enterprise Data Architecture.  A QA review typically includes a detailed report of the current state of the Data Architecture, problem analysis, and detailed recommendations.  Let EIM be your QA Team.


Integral to our consulting services is the availability of education and training offerings, targeted for functional and technical staff at all levels, from executive to newly hired employee.  Each course is designed for a particular audience.  EIM personnel have trained over a thousand people in data modeling techniques.  Our classes are consistently rated highly by attendees.  Our training is performed primarily in-house, but  public courses are sometimes offered.  Our courses can be tailored to the needs of individual organizations from our comprehensive pool of training material.   Our approach to training is very flexible and almost any requirement can be accommodated.

Data Management / Data Administration

For those organizations who wish to out-source the ongoing management and administration of your enterprise data model and data repository, EIM can provide a complete one-stop solution to your out-sourcing needs.

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